Hexaware’s SONIC Framework: Empowering Employees with Limitless Upskilling Opportunities

Hexaware, a global technology and business process services company is breaking new ground with an innovative and ambitious initiative, the SONIC framework. SONIC aims to revolutionize the learning experience for Hexaware’ employees, fostering a culture of continuous upskilling and learning.

Introduction to Hexaware’s SONIC Framework

The SONIC framework is designed as an engine for career advancement and learning among Hexaware’ employees. As explained by Satyendu Mohanty, the Global Head – Talent Management, SONIC is all about limitless learning and skill acquisition. The initiative is uniquely designed without caps on reimbursement, encouraging employees to pursue as many certifications as desired, hence making Hexaware a dynamic support system for individual growth.

What Does SONIC Offer for Hexaware Employees?

The potential and scope of SONIC are vast. Employees are rewarded a learning bonus depending on skill relevance and market demand. They have the opportunity to grow both horizontally across technologies and vertically from a role perspective. Courses vary from IT-related fields such as DevOps, Cloud Certifications, React, ServiceNow, Angular to vital areas like Project Management and Agile. The program also recognises active engagement in hackathons, mentoring peers and contributing to CoE projects.

Hexaware’s Ambition for Upskilling Workforce

Hexaware’s commitment to the SONIC framework isn’t just reflected in its conception, but also in its ambitious targets. The company is aiming to upskill approximately 12,383 employees, broadening their proficiency in technology, and looking beyond India to expand in regions like the US and the UK. The plan is to upgrade the technology acumen of nearly 13,000 more employees up to the G7 grade using this framework.

In summary, Hexaware’s SONIC is not merely a program; it’s an ecosystem that promotes growth, empowerment, and endless opportunities for its employees. In the words of Satyendu Mohanty, “It is an invitation to embark on an extraordinary journey toward excellence.”

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