Hightouch Empowers Privacy-Friendly Ads in Europe

With the constant evolution in digital advertising, the quest for privacy-conscious methods has never been more critical. Hightouch, a leader in Composable Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), introduces a pioneering solution for European advertisers through the integration of European Unified ID (EUID). This initiative aims to bridge the gap between maintaining user privacy and delivering targeted advertising across various digital platforms.

Hightouch Unveils EUID for European Audiences

Hightouch has partnered with The Trade Desk to leverage EUID, an industry-wide identity solution designed to respect user privacy while enabling effective advertising. EUID transforms email addresses into a pseudonymous identifier, allowing for precise targeting, frequency management, and campaign measurement. It provides a transparent, privacy-friendly alternative to third-party cookies, ensuring users’ control over their data.

The Advantages of Integrating Hightouch and EUID

The integration of Hightouch’s technology with EUID presents numerous benefits for advertisers aiming to reach European audiences. Firstly, universal opt-outs ensure that advertisers respect user preferences by filtering out opted-out IDs. Moreover, with regional data processing, data transit aligns with local compliance laws, preventing cross-border data movement. Lastly, the partnership enhances addressability, allowing for the activation of EUID to connect with a broader audience across Europe in a manner that prioritizes user privacy.

The Impact of EUID on Digital Advertising

Stu Colman, Senior European Director of Identity at The Trade Desk, highlights the significance of adopting EUID amid the fragmented digital advertising ecosystem and the looming deprecation of third-party cookies. EUID heralds a major shift in digital identity management, offering enhanced precision in digital advertising strategies. The collaboration with Hightouch simplifies the process for clients, optimizing the efficiency of digital campaigns across the web, mobile apps, connected TV, and digital audio channels.

In conclusion, the integration of Hightouch and EUID represents a significant advancement in privacy-conscious advertising for European markets. It promises a seamless transition for advertisers navigating the post-third-party cookie era, emphasizing user privacy without compromising the effectiveness of digital campaigns. As digital landscapes evolve, such innovations will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of advertising.

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