Huawei Unveils Cutting-Edge Networking Innovations for Africa’s Digital Surge

Huawei recently showcased its Intelligent Cloud-Network solution and product innovations tailored for the growing digital economy in Africa at the Huawei Cloud & Intelligent Networking Summit (HNS). The event consisted of keynote speeches and product launches, focusing on innovations in various scenarios, diverse SD-WAN product unveilings, and the release of the flagship data center switch CloudEngine 16800-X.

Huawei’s Innovations in Seven Scenarios

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled “Innovations Never Stop,” highlighting the company’s technology, solution, and product innovations in seven scenarios. These include office campuses, production campuses, and branch interconnection. Huawei’s third-generation smart antenna enables Wi-Fi 7 to deliver a record-high 30 Gbps speed and ultra-low 10 ms latency, creating the ultimate office experience. Huawei’s data communication innovations cater to the rapidly growing digital economy in Africa.

Diversified SD-WAN Products for Africa

Huawei, alongside African banking giants, unveiled a range of diversified SD-WAN products suitable for “10 Gbps campus networks” at HNS. Featured products include the highly reliable headquarters gateway NetEngine AR8700, the hyper-converged 200 Gbps cloud-native gateway NetEngine AR6700V, the simplified converged branch gateway NetEngine AR5710-S, and the industrial gateway NetEngine AR631I. The company’s innovative solutions aim to support growth in the digital economy of Africa.

CloudEngine 16800-X for Diverse Computing

Huawei and an industry pioneer from Egypt jointly launched the CloudEngine 16800-X, the industry’s first data center switch built for diverse computing power. This flagship switch is hardware-ready for 800GE, supports exclusive network scale load balancing (NSLB), and improves AI training efficiency by 20%. The CloudEngine 16800-X is designed for applications such as High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and high-performance storage, addressing the rising demand for computing power in data centers across Africa.

In conclusion, Huawei continues to innovate and strengthen its Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions for Africa’s growing digital economy. The showcased innovations at HNS, featuring advancements in office and production campuses, diversified SD-WAN products, and the introduction of CloudEngine 16800-X, provide a robust infrastructure for future developments in the region.

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