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IBM partners with Baxter Planning to streamline service supply chain

In a significant boost to its global service supply chain operations, IBM has entered a five-year agreement with Baxter Planning, the world leader in Service Parts Management technology. The agreement will see Baxter’s Predictive Service Supply Chain solution deployed to optimize IBM’s industry-leading Service Supply Chain.

IBM and Baxter Planning ink strategic service supply chain initiative

The strategic partnership marks a milestone in business transformation and innovation as Baxter Planning replaces commercial and legacy IT systems to help IBM optimize, automate, and monitor its service parts inventory. As part of the agreement, Baxter’s cloud-based solution will empower IBM to reduce needless inventory and logistics costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Predictive Service Supply Chain for IBM’s global service supply chain

To meet delivery agreements with customers, IBM manages over 350,000 active parts and products, valued at more than $300 million, dispersed throughout 74 countries. Baxter’s Predictive Service Supply Chain solution is expected to help IBM reduce service execution and inventory costs by tens of millions of U.S. dollars annually while improving the firm’s already exceptional customer net promoter score.

Benefits of Baxter’s AI-driven software on IBM’s service supply chain operations

Baxter’s Predictive Service Supply Chain solution leverages Artificial Intelligence to automate service parts planning, operations, logistics, analytics, and customer escalation management across all IBM field services worldwide. The solution will drive significant productivity gains, cost savings, and customer satisfaction by unlocking the value of new predictive methods.

In a statement, Shannon Beecher, VP of Service Supply Chain at IBM, said that Baxter’s technology, expertise, and vision in automating and optimizing the entire Service Parts Management process made it the clear choice for IBM. The technology from Baxter Planning would help IBM better serve its customers, reach its sustainability goals, and increase its supply chain resiliency.


This strategic partnership between Baxter Planning and IBM is built on years of technology and best-practice collaboration, complementing IBM’s Predictive Planning vision. IBM is a global leader in driving innovation and business transformation with hybrid cloud and AI. This partnership will help IBM stay at the forefront of technological change in the service supply chain industry.


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