Immersive Adventure Awaits: LBMR Transforms Zhangbi Fortress Visit

Immersive entertainment and cultural tourism are on the verge of revolution with the coming together of Innomix and the World Castle Association in launching a pioneering Location-Based Mixed Reality (LBMR) project at China’s ancient Zhangbi Fortress. This new collaboration combines technology and culture for a whole new, immersive and interactive visitor experience.

Innomix Launches LBMR Project at Zhangbi Fortress

Innomix, a leader in immersive technology, and Zhangbi Fortress, in partnership with the World Castle Association, have unveiled a groundbreaking LBMR project. The unique experience offered combines the theme of “Oriental Ancient Castle Adventure + The Twenty-Eight Lunar Mansions”, and aims to transform the way we experience cultural heritage. Initial responses suggest the LBMR project could redefine cultural tourism.

Transforming Cultural Tourism with LBMR Technologies

Building on the success of LBMR technology in other projects – such as those focused on the Egyptian pyramids – the LBMR experience at Zhangbi Fortress promises to be a game-changer. Visitors can expect dynamic interactions between themselves, virtual characters, and the surrounding environment, forming a seamless blend of elements from gaming, film & television, and exhibitions. This innovative integration creates a richly immersive experience, opening up new ways to engage with diverse narratives and interactive elements. The potential application of LBMR in cultural tourism scenarios is enormously exciting.

Zhangbi Fortress: A New Experience in Immersive Adventure

Zhangbi Fortress, a member of the World Castle Association, is steeped in history and culture. In partnership with Innomix, the fortress is set to become an international exchange platform. It will harness the cultural tourism resources of the fortress alongside Innomix’s “Content + Technology” solutions. The project aims to capture and preserve the digital essence of Zhangbi Fortress, while promoting China’s ancient culture and heritage on a global stage. Plans include establishing further cooperation with global castle members to develop LBMR cultural experiences, giving new life to cultural heritage in the process.

In closing, the collaboration between Innomix and the World Castle Association at Zhangbi Fortress marks a significant step forward for cultural tourism. The major development brings LBMR technology to the forefront of the visitor experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms. The groundbreaking project serves as a remarkable testament to the manifold possibilities offered by integrating cutting-edge technology with rich cultural heritage.

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