Infosys Boosts Urban Mobility with TK Elevator Partnership

In a bid to accelerate digital transformation and innovation in urban mobility, global tech giant Infosys has revealed a strategic long-term collaboration with TK Elevator (TKE), a leading urban mobility company. The focus of this partnership will be on consolidating, harmonizing, and modernizing TKE’s digital landscape using an AI-first strategy.

Infosys and TK Elevator Announce Strategic Collaboration

According to the announcement, Infosys and TKE aim to transform and constantly innovate TKE’s IT and application environment. This strategic collaboration will see the operations of all TK Elevator’s business applications in North America and major markets in Europe transitioned to Infosys. The goal is to enable integrated applications management, unify the underlying infrastructure operations, and simplify the digital landscape.

Key Deliverables of the Infosys-TK Elevator Partnership

From an operational standpoint, the partnership has several key deliverables. These include:

  • Application management: Infosys plans to use its cloud-enabled Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to provide user-centric, business-outcome-driven solutions.
  • Underlying infrastructure: Infosys will also lead the transformation and operations of the Software-defined Wide Area Network, in addition to the existing Service Desk, Data Center, Cloud, LAN, and Workplace.
  • Future-ready IT model: Infosys pledges towards delivering an integrated application and underlying infrastructure operating model incorporating Service Integration and Management.

Looking Ahead: Infosys’ Role in TK Elevator’s Digital Transformation

As TKE continues to navigate its digital transformation journey, the enhanced collaboration with Infosys will form an integral part of the company’s strategy. Infosys Cobalt and Infosys Topaz, with their agility and resilience factors, are set to be the core of TK Elevator’s digital future. The ambition is not just bringing diverse geographies and business units together, but also shaping a globally harmonized technology backbone.

In conclusion, this strategic collaboration between Infosys and TK Elevator marks a significant leap towards bolstering urban mobility with advanced IT solutions. By integrating applications and streamlining IT operations, the partnership aims to harmonize and future-proof TKE’s IT operations, positioning the company to better navigate the dynamic, competitive landscape of urban mobility.

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