Insight’s Strategic Leap with NWT Acquisition

Insight Enterprises, a notable Fortune 500 Solutions Integrator, has made a significant move by acquiring New World Tech (NWT), a prominent tech consulting firm. This acquisition marks a strategic expansion, aiming to bolster Insight’s capabilities in driving digital transformation for its clients. This merger not only enhances Insight’s consultancy spectrum but also positions the company to meet the growing needs for automation, user experience, and data-driven workflows more efficiently.

Insight Enterprises Expands with NWT Acquisition

In a strategic evolution, Insight Enterprises has broadened its horizon by integrating NWT’s consultancy-led approach and technology strategies into its service offerings. Known for its success in digital transformation projects, NWT brings deep technology strategy expertise to Insight. According to Adrian Gregory, Insight EMEA President, this acquisition represents a crucial milestone, strengthening Insight’s role as a comprehensive Solutions Integrator. NWT’s reputation for diligence and its ability to deliver value and quality aligns with Insight’s objectives of fostering business model transformation using technology.

NWT Enhances Insight’s Tech Consultancy Spectrum

NWT’s inclusion into Insight’s framework introduces a unique set of skills and services catered towards large-scale digital transformations. Specializing in areas such as strategic roadmap development, business transformation, and technical advisory services, NWT’s team of senior CTOs and architects brings invaluable expertise and experience. These competencies are key to addressing the complex needs of organizations, propelling them towards achieving their digital goals swiftly and effectively.

The Combined Force to Accelerate Digital Transformations

The merger with NWT fortifies Insight’s capacity to facilitate rapid digital change for its clients. Glenn Ballard, NWT CEO, mentioned that joining forces with Insight not only acknowledges the talent within NWT but also enriches Insight’s portfolio with proven capabilities in strategy and transformation. Highlighting the combination of NWT’s strategy prowess and Insight’s global technology and services, the merger is poised to deliver enhanced value to clients, empowering them to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape with agility and precision.

The acquisition of New World Tech by Insight Enterprises represents a significant step forward in the latter’s ambition to lead in the field of digital transformation consultancy. With NWT’s specialized expertise now under its wing, Insight is better equipped to drive organizational change and digital innovation for businesses around the globe. This merger not only solidifies Insight’s consultancy offering but also ensures that its clients have access to cutting-edge solutions and strategic guidance indispensable for achieving their digital transformation goals.

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