Intellimize Unleashes Power of AI in Personalized B2B Marketing

In a significant breakthrough, Intellimize, a leading AI optimization platform, has announced the launch of AI-powered Account Based Marketing experiences (ABX). The new feature aims to revolutionize the B2B buyer’s journey, offering unrivaled personalization at scale.

Introducing Intellimize’s AI-Powered ABM Experiences

Intellimize’s latest innovation combines their dynamic content capabilities, landing page builder, pop-up modals, and deanonymization functionality. Operating alongside their ABM partner integrations, these features empower marketers to choreograph uniquely personalized experiences across every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey effortlessly. In essence, Intellimize’s ABM experiences could become a game-changer in the realm of 1:1 personalization at scale.

Boosting Conversion Rates With AI Personalization

Companies like Greenhouse and Coupa Software already demonstrate the power of AI-personalized experiences. Greenhouse uses Intellimize’s AI and 6sense’s account data to serve optimized, personal experiences. Coupa Software, on the other hand, used the Intellimize integration with Demandbase to tailor web pages by industry and revenue tier. The result was impressive—an average 8.4% boost in conversions and up to 227% increase for a specific industry.

Integrated AI Solutions for Strategic 2024 Marketing Plans

As B2B marketers gear up for the year ahead, integrating AI into overall marketing strategies is rising as a strategic priority. Here, Intellimize steals the spotlight with their codeless, cookieless, AI-powered ABM solution. It effortlessly synchronizes with Demandbase, 6sense, or Rollworks to set B2B marketers up for a successful year.

In conclusion, Intellimize’s AI-powered ABM experiences promise to redefine the B2B buyer’s journey by enabling a new level of personalization at scale. Powering this transformation are the remarkable achievements in AI, paired with the potential to integrate seamlessly into existing marketing plans for unmatched efficiency and revenue growth.

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