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LiBEST, the startup revolutionizing the world of flexible batteries wins CES 2023 Innovation Award

LiBEST, a startup specializing in flexible, rechargeable batteries under CEO Kim Joo-Seong announced their attendance as well as victory of the CES2023 Innovation Award. This winner will be featured among other technology innovators at CES, one of the most influential tech events held globally. Here, tech brands and prospective business partners can meet, and make connections.

LiBEST-suited for any temperature!

Batteries famously under-perform in freezing temperatures, affecting the running time of smartphone batteries, as well as the driving distance of electric vehicles for instance. In the case of temperatures dropping even further, the batteries often cease to work due to the conductivity decreasing with the electrolyte freezing. Lithium-ion batteries can only be used at 40% to 70% of their usual capacity at negative temperatures.

The technology used to manufacture LiBEST batteries is different from other companies. While they keep the NMC and graphite for the cathodes and anodes, they exchanged the separator and electrolyte for better results while maintaining the same voltage.

When exposed to flames of 1300 degrees Celsius, fire can burn the electrolyte, rendering it useless. The material surrounding the delicate insides of the battery are fireproof, and the cell works to extinguish it before it can spread around an entire vehicle for example.
The frost resistance is equally impressive. The batteries that are currently being developed by LiBEST work at -40 degrees Celsius, and maintains the energy density at 90% of its original capacity after as many as 500 charges/discharges.
Unsurprisingly, commercialization is possible in multiple sectors such as robotics, especially delivery robots or drones that use small batteries with capacities of 1-5 Ah, or with expansions, in the military.

LiBEST is sure to prove a fascinating booth to visit at CES, and can be found at the Central Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center and at CES Innovation Awards Special Exhibition Hall at the Venetian Hotel.

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