MOMAX Leads Charge in Smart Home Innovation with Matter Ecosystem

MOMAX, a leading innovator in smart home technology, has just announced its venture into the Matter ecosystem, signaling a significant event in the IoT field this year. The official launch of smart home products, which are integrated with Matter, makes MOMAX the first Hong Kong brand to take this leap. Furthermore, an exclusive collaboration with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho has also been set.

MOMAX Enters Matter Ecosystem with Smart Home Products

MOMAX’s smart home products integrated with Matter support various mainstream smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. This interoperability allows users to comfortably switch between different platforms, thereby enhancing their smart home experiences. The pioneer product in this venture, Smart Gateway 2.0, acts as the central hub for smart homes, enabling cross-platform connectivity through Matter and managing devices using Zigbee and Thread wireless technology. Moreover, Smart Rainbow LED is the first local brand product to support Matter offering customizable lighting scenes through WiFi.

Exclusive Collaboration: MOMAX, Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho

The mentioned products are exclusively pre-sold on MOMAX’s website, Hong Kong Broadband Shoppy, and Yoho, giving Hong Kong locals the first-hand experience of the convenience of smart home living. The items offered at affordable prices also include the Matter Gateway and Light Bulb. This collaborative initiative aims to achieve synergies in the smart home field, eventually benefitting the three parties and its customers.

MOMAX’s Approach Towards a Smart and Energy-Efficient Future

MOMAX is committed to creating high-quality smart products and energy-saving solutions for families and businesses. With changing market demands, the company has always provided value-for-money products. This innovative collaboration with the Matter ecosystem reflects this. Looking ahead, MOMAX plans to enhance the quality of life for clients by using technology and actively collaborate with partners to promote Hong Kong as a leading global smart city.

In conclusion, the entrance of MOMAX into the Matter Ecosystem with the launch of its smart home products marks a significant step in IoT this year. The exclusive collaboration with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho is set to revolutionize smart home living by providing high-quality smart and energy-efficient home solutions for Hong Kong locals. MOMAX continues its commitment towards its mission of integrating intelligence into our everyday lives and gearing towards an energy-efficient home era.


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