Monotype & Colophon: A Bold Alliance Shaping the Future of Typography

In a significant move in the design and typography world, innovative type foundry Colophon is set to join forces with industry heavyweight Monotype. The partnership brings a vast collection of modern and classical fonts under Monotype’s expansive umbrella, further solidifying their standing in the world of design and typography.

Monotype Welcomes Colophon’s Innovative Team

Colophon’s team, led by founders Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington, has long been acclaimed within the font community. Their creative powerhouse has led to remarkable contributions in publishing, editing, exhibitions, and teaching, making them a desirable addition to Monotype. Senior Director of the Monotype Studio, Tom Rickner, expressed his excitement over this new partnership, praising Colophon’s well-deserved reputation in the design world and his anticipation for the newly expanded team’s collaborations.

Colophon’s Significant Contributions to the Design Industry

Colophon’s capabilities and historical relevance are unmatched in the industry. Their typography projects have worked with notable brands like Burger King, Canva, Cadillac, among others. Their library boasts of 85 font families, including Aper├žu, a contemporary font with a nod to classic realist typefaces. Their work is not just about creating fonts but about creating stories through types, an ethos that finds resonance with Monotype.

The Future of Colophon under Monotype’s Wings

While there’s excitement about this new chapter, the move to join Monotype isn’t seen as an end for Colophon. On the contrary, the leaders at Colophon see this as an opportunity for them to spread their reach, leveraging the resources within Monotype. Monotype CEO Ninan Chacko reflects this sentiment, expressing his belief that this partnership aligns with Monotype’s aim to keep type at the heart of creative culture.

In conclusion, the union of Colophon and Monotype is a promising alliance, set to propel the story of typography forward. By merging their creativity, vast libraries, and shared passion for the central role of type, both entities look towards an exciting, collaborative future in the creative industry.

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