Navigating the Future: 5G RedCap Takes IoT to New Heights

In a significant advancement for the Internet of Things (IoT), Telit Cinterion has unveiled the successful integration of its groundbreaking 5G RedCap technology into Digi International’s industrial and enterprise routers. This pioneering achievement represents an exciting leap toward the future of mid-speed IoT applications.

Revolutionary 5G RedCap Integration in IoT

5G RedCap technology, a cornerstone of 5G, has been redefining the landscape of mid-speed IoT. Specifically designed for 5G Standalone (5G SA) networks, 5G RedCap underlines improved quality of service, lower latencies, enhanced capacities, and heightened security. It addresses the unique demands of IoT applications, ensuring prolonged device lifecycle. Notably, Telit Cinterion’s FN920C04 M.2 card, a part of the successful 5G RedCap family, is a game-changer that is now integrated into Digi’s routers, signifying a commitment to the evolution of 5G technology.

Advanced Features of the Digi IX20 Router

Digi International’s Digi IX20 industrial router, a crucial component of this integration, stands out with its rugged, secure design and versatile features. It’s equipped with a field-replaceable Digi CORE® Plug-In Modem that allows a smooth transition from 4G LTE to 5G RedCap. This aspect ensures the future-proofing of investments for users. Moreover, the inclusion of additional features like redundant connectivity, FirstNet Capable™ models, secure encrypted connections, easy setup, and Digi WAN Bonding makes it an ideal solution for mission-critical applications.

Anticipating the Future of Industrial Connectivity

The collaboration between Telit Cinterion, Digi International, and Nokia strengthens the industry’s resolve to mainstream 5G adoption in IoT. These front-runners are focusing their collective efforts on shaping the future of connectivity. The revolutionary 5G RedCap modules and devices, displayed at MWC Barcelona, are set for commercial release during the second half of 2024.

By successfully integrating 5G RedCap technology into Digi International’s routers, Telit Cinterion has set a high standard for high-performance connectivity in IoT. This advancement underlines the industry’s shared commitment to the evolution of 5G technology. As the anticipation builds for the commercial release of 5G RedCap devices, the future looks bright for the industrial IoT landscape.

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