Ollang Dominates Global Localization with TUJJU Media Acquisition

Ollang, an AI-driven dubbing and subtitling service provider, is strengthening its foothold in Asia with its recent acquisition of TUJJU Media, a leading Southeast Asian subtitling and dubbing provider. This significant move ensures a strategic growth in its global presence.

Ollang Expands into Southeast Asia with TUJJU Media Acquisition

With its existing offices spread across Europe, Asia, and the US, Ollang now deepens its Asian presence through the acquisition of TUJJU Media, strategically establishing a new office in Jakarta. This office will oversee all localization services for its Southeast Asia clientele. Satrya Sjukri, the CEO of TUJJU Media, will step up as the General Manager of Southeast Asia for Ollang. Also joining the team is the former YouTube and Paramount executive, Solafunmi Sosanya, who will be steering all sales and partnerships for the company in Africa.

The Innovation of Ollang’s Hybrid Dubbing Technique

Ollang stands out in the market with its hybrid dubbing technique that combines the prowess of AI and the subtlety of human touch to develop large-scale localization solutions. Ollang’s technology, backed by a globe-spanning team of 2,140 translators, allows it to subtitle or dub any content in over 60 different languages swiftly and accurately. The wide range of corporate clients and content creators can easily access their services through the ‘Olabs’ dashboard on their website.

Founders’ Visions and Future Plans for Ollang

The co-founders, Ebru Yildirim and Muhammed Aziz Ulak, envision Ollang as a streamlined solution to the often complex and challenging localization process. The ambition is to lower costs, elevate the quality of translation, and centralize subtitling and dubbing management by offering a one-stop-shop solution for clients worldwide. The acquisition of TUJJU Media is an essential part of their grand strategy.

In conclusion, Ollang’s acquisition of TUJJU Media ensures a strategic expansion in Southeast Asia, reinforcing their market position as a global one-stop solution provider for content localization. In these challenging times of content globalization, Ollang’s innovative approach, strategic collaborations, and ambitious vision could make it a game-changer in the industry.

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