OmniV: Altair’s Game-Changer in System Modeling & Simulation

Altair’s latest technology, OmniV, is set on transforming how organizations model and simulate high-level systems. Ending the usual silos, it aims to enhance cross-domain product development with a blend of ease and integration.

Introduction to Altair’s OmniV: Revolutionizing Modeling and Simulation

As an open and flexible tool, OmniV promises to bridge the gap between high-level system modeling and detailed domain-specific simulation. It is designed to be vendor-agnostic, connecting to multiple enterprise data stores and verification/validation methods – even supporting third-party vendors. In simplifying connections across different domains, OmniV makes use of the Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) methodology.

OmniV’s SysML Support: A Game Changer in Product Development

Making the tool even more appealing is its support for Systems Modeling Language (SysML). This general-purpose modeling language, applied in a broad range of systems and systems-of-systems, allows OmniV to generate SysML compliant diagrams. These diagrams capturing system architecture can then be shared and verified with product development teams. It also aids in creating different types of digital twins much earlier in the product development process.

Altair’s Goal: An Open Architecture MBSE Practice with OmniV

According to Altair’s CEO, James R. Scapa, OmniV’s objective is to “connect the dots across the enterprise through an open, flexible, and purpose driven MBSE and digital twin integration.” OmniV’s open architecture MBSE practice provides a traceable ecosystem to track performance, cost, and mass of a product.

In conclusion, OmniV is set to offer considerable advancements in modeling and simulation practices. Providing an open platform for MBSE, it assists organizations in understanding the performance of a product at an early stage. OmniV serves as a tool that enables transitions to an open architecture, facilitating more efficient product development processes.

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