OneTrust Unleashes Powerful Tools for US Privacy Compliance

As privacy regulations continue to evolve across the United States, businesses face significant hurdles in ensuring compliance. Expanding to fill this need, OneTrust, the leader in trust intelligence, has announced a multifaceted suite of solutions geared to help organizations navigate the intricate milieu of US privacy laws.

OneTrust’s Solution to US Privacy Compliance Challenges

Facing 18 comprehensive US state privacy laws, alongside proposed federal laws, businesses are overwhelmed. A total of nine of these laws will come into force by the end of 2024. OneTrust’s suite of solutions comes at a crucial time as the need for effective solutions intensifies amidst the growth of US privacy law amendments. Emily McEvilly, Chief Customer Officer at OneTrust, explains that the company’s platform provides automation, visibility, and intelligence that enables a proactive approach to data privacy compliance.

How OneTrust Streamlines Data Privacy Compliance

All stages of data privacy compliance are unified in OneTrust’s robust suite of solutions. These offerings allow organizations to automate privacy-centric workflows, simplify compliance with regulatory intelligence, and demonstrate privacy program effectiveness. Specific tools offered to operationalize US privacy compliance include:

  • Comprehensive compliance assessments to identify compliance gaps and prioritize remediation efforts.
  • Data mapping and inventory for visibility into the data landscape, facilitating compliance with data subject access requests and other regulations.
  • Automated consent management to ensure compliance with consent-based privacy laws, such as the CPRA and GDPR.
  • Incident response and breach notification processes to mitigate risk and maintain compliance in the event of a data breach.
  • Policy and document management to help organizations highlight accountability and transparency to regulators and consumers.

OneTrust’s US Data Privacy Expert Kiosk at TrustWeek

OneTrust isn’t simply offering tools; they’re offering hands-on support as well. The company is set to display its US data privacy expert kiosk at TrustWeek, providing crucial guidance to help optimize its deployment to comply with new US state privacy laws. Consumers can work side-by-side with a OneTrust expert to grasp areas of focus and learn how to prepare their business for expanded data subject requests and new consent requirements.

In conclusion, with increasing privacy regulations and changes in the US, businesses are seeking reliable solutions to remain compliant. OneTrust, as a worldwide leader in data privacy compliance software, has devised a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet these needs effectively. Whether a business initially needs a comprehensive compliance assessment or is looking to automate consent management, OneTrust offers the resources necessary to simplify and streamline the compliance process.

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