Orium Unlocks Composable Commerce Secrets with Free Masterclasses

North America’s leading composable commerce specialist, Orium, is launching a series of free, informative masterclasses regarding the trending topic of composable commerce. Through collaboration with industry-leading partners, Orium is looking to provide businesses with valuable insights about composable architecture and the potential to enhance operational efficiency.

Orium Announces Composable Commerce Masterclasses

Orium’s masterclasses focus on aiding firms in effectively transitioning towards a composable economy. Emitting knowledge from industry experts from Google Cloud, Elastic Path, Commercetools, and others, the masterclasses are designed to tackle some of the most common issues faced by companies in adopting the composable architecture. Oriented around three main tracks of managing business complexity, structuring a composable architecture, and orchestrating customer journeys, Orium promises real-world insights into the journey towards successful composable commerce.

Key Features of Orium’s In-depth Courses

These in-depth courses include topics like evaluating total cost of ownership, omni-channel personalization, progressive web applications, and more. Aimed at delivering a customizable learning experience, each masterclass lasts for 20-40 minutes and students are free to mix and match the content according to their needs. Also, these masterclasses are free of charge, and new courses will be added each month for continuous learning.

Excellence through Composable Architectures: Orium’s Vision

Orium’s founder and CEO, Jason Cottrell, believes that composable architectures are key to enhancing agility and flexibility in organizations, ultimately leading to operational excellence. Through these masterclasses, he hopes to accelerate the transition to composable architecture and equip businesses with necessary information for a successful transition.

In summary, Orium’s forward-thinking initiative to launch a series of masterclasses lays the groundwork for businesses to efficiently transition towards a composable economy. These courses promise to deliver profound insights about the most common issues faced by companies and provide a roadmap for a successful journey towards composable commerce.

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