PaladinAI: Tensor’s Game-Changing Leap in Digital Trading

Renowned tech firm, Tensor, has launched a revolutionary product, PaladinAI. Heavily built on Artificial Intelligence, PaladinAI promises impressive financial returns while leveraging digital asset futures. Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking tool.

Introducing PaladinAI: Tensor’s High-Performance Trading Strategy

The PaladinAI is a medium-frequency, long-short trading strategy optimized to trade digital asset futures. What sets it apart is its focus on exploiting short timeframe directional market inefficiencies, enabling it to capture both directional trend alpha and reversals with an excellent risk-return framework.

The Technology Behind PaladinAI: Deep Learning and Real-Time Execution

PaladinAI runs on Tensor’s proprietary AI research platform that employs a powerhouse of 120 GPUs along with over 100 proprietary deep learning models for optimal signal generation. Adding to its prowess is Tensor’s advanced real-time deep reinforcement learning-based parameter optimization and tick-level data streaming architecture. This potent combination bestows Tensor with a real-time execution edge in the market.

Impressive Returns and Future Plans: A Word from Tensor’s COO

In the first ten months of its operation from January to October 2023, PaladinAI reported a notable net return of over 116% with a max drawdown of just 15%. The product had nearly half of its Phase 1 quota, which amounted to $55 million, filled at launch. Chief Operating Officer of Tensor, Tiger Li, expressed optimism on the successful launch and mentioned future plans orienting around technology and infrastructure development alongside talent growth.

In summary, Tensor’s PaladinAI is a powerful tool that exemplifies the future of digital trading. With its proprietary technology, impressive returns, and a dedicated team committed to continuous enhancement, it holds the promise of redefining the landscape of digital asset trading.

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