Panasonic Transforms Grooming with Sustainable Innovations at CES 2024

Long-standing tech giant Panasonic is making waves at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 with the announcement of its new Palm Shaver and additional attachments for its popular MULTISHAPE system, both designed for home and travel use. Built with advanced features and a keen focus on sustainability, these devices are set to revolutionize personal care routines.

Panasonic Unveils New Palm Shaver

The spotlight product, the Panasonic Palm Shaver (ES-PV6A-W), brings a blend of compact design and power to the world of personal grooming. This five-bladed shaver fits neatly in your hand and is designed to capture and cut all textures of beard hair. Panasonic’s advanced sensing technology allows the shaver to adapt to the distinct contours of each user’s face, promising a uniquely individualized shave with every use.

Sustainability in Design: The Nagori Innovation

In line with Panasonic’s mission towards a more sustainable future, the Palm Shaver utilizes NAGORI, a green material made from sea minerals. Not only does this innovative material reduce plastic usage by an impressive 40 percent when compared to conventional products, but its compact size and USB-C charging capabilities make for an efficient and convenient grooming experience whether at home, the office, or on-the-go.”

Panasonic MULTISHAPE: Solutions for Diverse Self-care Needs

Apart from the Palm Shaver, exciting new additions to the versatile MULTISHAPE system are being released. Catering to a comprehensive range of grooming needs, the new attachments include facial exfoliation brushes, pedicure buffers, and detailed hair trimming tools, amplifying the system’s potential to grow with its user over time.

With the new Palm Shaver and MULTISHAPE attachments, Panasonic remains committed to honoring its legacy of personal care innovation while never losing sight of the importance of sustainability. These products are more than just a testament of Panasonic’s tech prowess- they symbolize the brand’s vision for a future where technology enhances lifestyle while remaining environmentally conscious. Stay tuned for the release of the Palm Shaver in the U.S. in September 2024, and the MULTISHAPE attachments on the Panasonic online shop in 2024.

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