Panasonic Unveils Superior WhisperGreen Fans for Healthy Homes

Panasonic Eco Systems North America, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, has proudly announced the latest generation of its WhisperGreen Select ventilation fans. These upgraded fans come with cutting-edge features and advanced automation, making them the optimal choice for improving indoor air quality in modern homes.

Introduction to Panasonic’s Enhanced WhisperGreen Select

Recognized globally for their innovative solutions, Panasonic has introduced an enhanced model of its WhisperGreen Select fans. The product is designed for use in various parts of the home, including bathrooms, sunrooms, basements, and garages. It sets itself apart as the only residential vent fan series offering certified performance at notably low sound levels.

Innovative Features of the WhisperGreen Select Fans

The omnibus of improvements rolled out in the WhisperGreen Select line makes the product more desirable. These key features are:

  • The new cutting-edge Dual Sensor Technology enhances fan performance and lighting control.
  • The Wi-Fi Plug n Play module allows users to control and monitor the fan remotely.
  • The redesigned grilles pair superior functionality with modern aesthetic, blending seamlessly with various interior d├ęcors.
  • The updated models boast a 3% efficiency increase and an improved air flow, effectively removing pollutants and excess moisture.
  • New Correlated Color Temperature LED Light options cater to diverse lighting design needs.

How WhisperGreen Contributes to Indoor Air Quality

With the global shift towards smarter living environments, Panasonic’s WhisperGreen Select fans provide a significant boost to indoor air quality. By removing pollutants and excess moisture, they help occupants control and maintain their indoor environment. As Edward Tsai, Product Manager of Panasonic’s IAQ Division puts it, the new fans “empower occupants…and combats contaminated air and excess moisture more effectively”.

With their innovative features and commitment to improving indoor air quality, the Panasonic WhisperGreen Select fans underscore the brand’s commitment to creating healthier homes. By marrying technology with convenience, they offer superior performance, ease of use and energy efficiency, setting new standards for residential ventilation solutions. Visit Panasonic’s website for more information on these advanced ventilation fans.

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