Panoply Unleashes Game-Changing Dashboards Feature

In a significant stride towards providing comprehensive data solutions, Panoply, an eminent ELT and analytics solution by SQream, announced the rollout of its new dashboards feature. This move optimizes their platform as a truly all-in-one solution for data management, spelling considerable time and cost savings for businesses across industries.

Panoply Launches New Dashboards Feature

Panoply’s new dashboards feature aims to max out ease of use with in-platform dashboards, a code-free ELT, and a managed data warehouse. Already known for its easy-to-use system, Panoply becomes even more user-friendly. Features now available within the platform include no-code data connectors, a managed data warehouse, and easy-to-build dashboards. These save customers the trouble of shopping for multiple solutions and vendors for their data management needs.

Enhancing Data Management with Panoply

The evolution of Panoply into a complete data solution enables businesses to consolidate their data sources. It facilitates the creation of visual dashboards, leading to optimized business decisions. The seamless integration of the new feature eliminates compatibility issues, ensures smoother data flow, and accelerates insight delivery. Additionally, streamlined support simplifies troubleshooting with expert guidance at a single point of contact.

The Impact of Panoply’s Evolution on Businesses

Ami Gal, SQream CEO, asserted the importance of Panoply’s development in SQream’s vision to provide data solutions to organizations across the board. From startups and SMBs to large enterprises, Panoply’s evolution closes the data stack loop with a comprehensive end-to-end data solution. For businesses seeking fast data insights, Panoply’s new features offer the ideal solution.

In closing, the launch of Panoply’s dashboards feature signifies a vital improvement in end-to-end data management. By seamlessly integrating into a company’s existing system, it enables straightforward and optimized business decisions, thereby promising substantial cost and time savings for a diverse range of businesses. It caps off SQream’s vision of providing comprehensive data solutions to all types of organizations, further solidifying Panoply’s standing in the industry.

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