Pega Infinity ’23: Empowering Enterprises with AI & Low-Code Innovation

Pegasystems Inc., a leading low-code platform provider, has announced the latest edition of its Pega Infinity software suite during the PegaWorld iNspire annual conference. The new features aim to accelerate low-code development, optimize existing processes, and enhance experiences for both employees and customers. The Pega Infinity ’23 software will help organizations become autonomous enterprises, allowing for faster innovation, increased productivity, and personalized customer experiences.

Pega Infinity ’23: Boosting Low-Code Development

The latest edition of the software suite features Pega GenAI, which provides 20 new generative AI-powered boosters to facilitate easier, faster, and more powerful low-code development. The secure, plug-and-play architecture allows users to infuse generative AI functions into their workflows, use AI prompts, and swap in different large language models. The new capabilities are designed to help organizations leverage the benefits of generative AI now and into the future.

Improved Customer Engagement and Personalization

Pega Infinity ’23 also introduces updates to the Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service. These updates focus on enhancing user experience and personalization. New features include One-Time Actions for rapid creation of messages, improved Persona Management, and Conversion Modeling. These tools enable users to create customer personas more efficiently, achieve higher decision accuracy, and easily activate machine learning models with a single click.

Optimized Customer Service and Agent Experience

The new software suite offers seamless integration of Pega Customer Service with any design system, thanks to Pega Constellation APIs. It enables users to build applications faster and intelligently route work to drive innovation and productivity. Agent productivity is enhanced with features such as simulated digital customers, automated summarization of customer interactions, and revamped agent desktop. Pega Process Fabric connectors also allow better prioritization and management of work across the enterprise.

In conclusion, Pega Infinity ’23 promises a comprehensive solution for organizations striving to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction through AI and automation. With its new features and improvements, the software suite empowers organizations to reach a level of self-optimization, resulting in enhanced experiences for both employees and customers. Pega Infinity ’23 will be available in Q3 2023.


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