Positive: Skillprint’s Personalized Gaming Pathway Boosts Mood and Skills

Skillprint, a San Francisco Bay area based start-up, has raised $3.5 million in pre-seed funding to develop a personalised path for gamers to learn about themselves and shift their mood through gameplay.

Skillprint: The Intersection Between Gaming and Cognitive Science

Skillprint was founded in 2019 by two gaming industry veterans, Chethan Ramachandran and Davin Miyoshi. Their shared vision was to make games more purposeful and enhance players’ wellbeing through gameplay. Skillprint uses powerful AI technology and years of cognitive science research to analyze how players engage with games and develop unique insights into an individual’s personality traits, skills, and mindset.

How Skillprint Analyzes 135 Game Characteristics to Help Users Enhance Skills and Mood

The Skillprint platform offers personalized game recommendations based on each user’s unique personality traits and skillset. It analyzes 135 separate game characteristics to rate games for skill assessment and mood, curating a selection of over 40 games on its proprietary platform at while also ranking third-party mobile games. Skillprint studies how “people play games and glean unique insights” into their personality traits, skills, and mindset. Thus, the platform can predict user personality traits and skills by capturing and analyzing an average of 1,200 events per active user.

Leading Investors Fuel Skillprint’s Expansion into Consumer Offering and Developer Collaborations

Skillprint’s unique approach has caught the attention of top investors at the intersection of gaming, cognitive science, and human potential. Its investors include Shanda Ventures, LearnStart, Niremia Collective, and private individuals with extensive experience in the gaming world. Skillprint plans to use this pre-seed funding to expand its consumer offering and work collaboratively with game developers.

Mobile gaming sometimes gets a bad rap, but people often ignore the many and varied benefits of gaming. We’re blending leading AI with cognitive science best practices, and building a personalized path for each of our users to help them learn more about themselves and shift their moods with games.

Co-founder Chethan Ramachandran

In conclusion, Skillprint’s innovative approach and use of AI technology to analyze users’ gaming behavior to provide personalized insights and elevate their gameplay experience is an exciting development in the gaming industry. With a growing user base, curating 40+ games, and investors at the forefront of the cognitive science and gaming, we can expect more unrivaled insights into the benefits of gaming for cognitive ability and emotional wellbeing.

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