Pressto AI Writing Platform Transforms Writing Education

Within a month of its launch, edtech startup Pressto has experienced a significant growth of 875% overall users. The writing platform, which is the first generative AI for teachers, yielded 1,300 teachers and 5,000 student sign-ups from more than 700 schools across the country.

Pressto: The First AI Writing Platform for Teachers

Pressto, the latest addition to the world of Edtech, is an innovative writing platform for educators who seek unique ways to motivate students to write. The platform transforms the way writing is learned and taught in a digital classroom with a focus on creativity, fun, purpose, and ease.

How Pressto is Empowering Students and Teachers with AI

The newly developed AI Assignment Assistant connects teachers and students to innovative technology that provides customized writing prompts to get students engaged with writing. The platform empowers teachers by providing them with tools and knowledge to utilize AI confidently and effectively in their classrooms. The writing prompts created by this new AI-powered system can be adapted to any grade level and subject, which makes Pressto incredibly versatile.

Pressto’s AI platform utilizes structured writing experiences; with signal words, writing blocks, different writing styles, and important words and phrases, students can enhance their critical thinking and writing skills. Teachers have seen significant improvement in their students’ confidence in writing, with some previously struggling students now excelling in writing.

The Future of Writing Instruction: Pressto AI

The success of Pressto is all thanks to the new wave of AI technology that Pressto has utilized to fill a void in writing education. Pressto provides an environment that makes writing fun and purposeful for students and time-saving and easier for teachers. Besides, Pressto has partnered with the Mayor’s office to provide students with real-world project-based learning opportunities, known as the Junior Journalist Program.

Pressto’s newest version has integrated with Google Classroom and is available for free for the 2022/2023 school year. With teachers and students already signing up from 49 US states, Canada, the UK, India, and New Zealand, Pressto is changing the conversation about education.


Pressto has made tremendous strides in edtech, providing a unique writing platform for teachers that integrates AI technology into the classroom. The platform is a disruptor in writing education and has transformed the education sector by empowering students in writing and critical thinking. As Pressto continues to grow and garner interest from around the world, it’s clear that AI is the way forward in education.

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