Proctormatic: Next-Level AI for Exam Integrity

Introducing an innovative solution by Samsung Electronics’ venture program, C-Lab—Proctormatic. This AI-powered online exam proctoring service is set to reshape exam administration in e-learning sectors and beyond.

Introducing Proctormatic: An AI-Powered Exam Proctoring Solution

Proctormatic, a mobile-based and completely automated online exam proctoring service is developed by Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab. The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been harnessed to ensure exam integrity shaping up a secure and reliable environment for test-takers and administrators. The service uses AI algorithms to analyze video footage captured through a smartphone camera to mitigate exam malpractices by detecting suspicious behavior or cheating and generating a comprehensive report.

EDINT’s Innovative Technology Receives Government Endorsement

Moving beyond just educational institutions, Proctormatic is crafted to be adaptable, giving it the flexibility to be utilized in a wide range of sectors. Propelled by EDINT’s exclusive technology, this service can track test-taker’s gaze, direction, motions, nearby objects, and sounds with an astounding accuracy of over 95% in real-time. The reliability of this technology caught the eyes of three Korean government sectors, each investing significantly in the venture demonstrating EDINT’s technical expertise.

Celebrating the Launch of Proctormatic: A Step Towards Accessible EdTech

As Proctormatic takes flight, EDINT is celebrating the launch by offering an attractive promotional discount. This move reciprocates the company’s dedication towards making advanced education technology accessible and affordable for everyone. The future appears bright for Proctormatic, with EDINT aiming to provide flexible solutions to the complex challenges of online exam proctoring.

In summary, Proctormatic is poised to revolutionize the edtech sector with its AI-powered solutions. The expertise of its founders and substantial government endorsement signal impressive potential for this venture. By democratizing access to advanced educational technology, Proctormatic is truly a game-changer for modern education systems.

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