Rainbow Robotics Unleashes Game-Changer at ICRA 2024

Rainbow Robotics is all set to make a resounding impact at the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2024). The South Korean robotics company plans to showcase its innovative new humanoid-shaped research platform, the RB-Y1, and announce a special pre-order offer for the same.

Rainbow Robotics’ Role at ICRA 2024

As a bronze sponsor of ICRA 2024, Rainbow Robotics will unveil its Bimanual Mobile Manipulator ‘RB-Y1’ during the conference. The event, hosted by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is the world’s largest robotics conference that attracts the best minds from across the globe.

Introducing Rainbow Robotics’ Revolutionary RB-Y1

The RB-Y1 is a state-of-the-art humanoid research platform featuring two arms with 7 degrees of freedom per arm, a leg with 6 degrees of freedom, and a wheel-type mobility platform. This meticulously crafted robot has been designed considering the rapid advancements in AI. Correspondingly, Rainbow Robotics aims to include a variety of APIs and options, facilitating SW developers to easily leverage RB-Y1 for their research work. Additionally, Rainbow Robotics will demonstrate the prowess of the RB-Y1’s real-time remote operation technology during the exhibition.

Pre-Order Special for RB-Y1 Buyers

In a move to ignite interest among potential buyers, Rainbow Robotics has kickstarted the pre-order for RB-Y1 from May 8. Buyers making the purchase during this period will enjoy free after-sales service for a year. With the research platform priced at US $80,000 and the commercial platform at US $120,000 (excluding VAT), the deliveries are slated to begin in October.

In conclusion, ICRA 2024 is gearing up to witness Rainbow Robotics’ disruptive RB-Y1 platform and its real-time remote operation technology. Moreover, their attractive pre-order special for the RB-Y1 surely makes it an even more compelling proposition for researchers and commercial users alike. This development once again solidifies Rainbow Robotics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries in robotics research and development.

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