Redpanda and Volt: Transforming the Streaming Data Landscape

In an era where real-time streaming data becomes essential, Redpanda and Volt seize the opportunity to present a strategic and beneficial partnership. By reducing complexity and costs, they aim to revolutionize the streaming data industry, providing businesses with efficient and powerful solutions.

Redpanda and Volt: A Strategic Partnership for Real-Time Solutions

Chris Larsen, Director of Strategic Partners and Alliances at Redpanda, has announced that, in partnership with Volt, they can enable businesses to take real-time action on streaming data at a significantly lower total cost. Redpanda’s lean architecture paired with Volt’s Active Data platform aims to eliminate the need for businesses to rely on less efficient, and often expensive, solutions. Together, these platforms hope to provide optimal functionality in managing streaming data while reducing latency.

Benchmark Results Demonstrate Cost Efficiency and Performance

In their first benchmark, Redpanda and Volt convincingly demonstrated the cost-effectiveness and high performance of their collaborative solution. They successfully simulated turning network switch records into billable line items at an impressive rate of over 100,000 complex decisions per second with less than US$13 an hour in operating costs. Built from the ground up with a native Apache Kafka API, Redpanda eliminates complexity, maximizes performance, and reduces costs, promising 10x-lower latencies and up to 6x lower costs without sacrificing reliability.

Understanding the Power of Volt’s Active Data Platform

Volt’s Active Data platform plays a crucial role in this partnership. Optimized for sub-10-millisecond response times on in-event data, it provides a durable and accurate layer, enabling a scale that does not compromise speed, accuracy, or consistency. Key applications range from maximizing ROI of 5G, IoT, AI/ML investments, ensuring ‘five 9’s’ uptime, preventing fraud and intrusion, to delivering hyper-personalized customer engagement all while helping businesses save on operational costs.

In summary, the strategic alliance between Redpanda and Volt delivers a monumental solution for streaming data industry. They eliminate the current hurdles faced by businesses, and provide a powerful, efficient and cost-effective course to manage streaming data at scale. This collaboration not only benefits these two industry leaders but also brings significant opportunities to the entire ecosystem.

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