RemoteMeeting Improves Efficiency with AI-Powered Summarizing Tool

RSUPPORT, a leading remote solution company, has unveiled its latest update for RemoteMeeting video conferencing. The update adds an ‘AI summary’ feature powered by ChatGPT to the existing ‘AI record’ functionality, enabling meeting minutes to be automatically converted into text records quickly and efficiently with the aid of Speech-to-Text technology.

RSUPPORT unveils AI-powered ‘AI summary’ feature for RemoteMeeting

RSUPPORT has announced the release of an innovative new feature for RemoteMeeting, called ‘AI summary.’ The feature, powered by ChatGPT, uses AI technology to rapidly summarize the critical points of meeting minutes by topic. This functionality adds to RemoteMeeting’s existing ‘AI record’ feature, which automatically converts speech to text records in real-time. The AI summary feature enhances productivity significantly by enabling quick and accurate summaries of meeting minutes, saving valuable time and effort for laborious post-meeting tasks, thus helping the participants to concentrate better on the meeting sessions.

How RemoteMeeting AI summary saves time and effort in meeting minutes

The new functionality allows the user to activate the ‘AI record’ feature and use the ‘summarize’ button to download the summarized meeting minutes as a PDF file, whether during or after the meeting. Features such as the easy addition of images further improve the clarity and comprehensibility of meeting records, enabling faster and more effective collaboration. CEO of RSUPPORT, Seo Hyung-su, said, “We will continue to apply a variety of the latest technologies, such as AI technologies, to RemoteMeeting to provide a differentiated video conferencing experience that enhances collaboration and productivity.”

Advanced AI technologies, including ChatGPT, make RemoteMeeting a productivity tool

Prior to the ChatGPT-powered ‘AI summary’ feature, RemoteMeeting offered several AI-based capabilities, including noise reduction, automatic speaker detection, virtual backgrounds, and facial focus. It also provides a virtual rehearsal function for video conferencing with the virtual assistant, ARU (AI-based Response Utility). With the addition of ChatGPT, RemoteMeeting is reinforcing itself as a productivity tool, sure to revolutionize communication and video conferencing.

In conclusion, RSUPPORT’s new ‘AI summary’ feature for RemoteMeeting is a significant breakthrough and a productivity tool that will save a considerable amount of time and effort in meeting minutes. The ability to quickly and comprehensively summarize meeting minutes will help many organizations enhance collaboration and improve their productivity through better concentration on meeting content.


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