Revolutionizing Shopping: One Quin’s Personalized AI Experience

Verneek has launched One Quin, a Consumer Experience AI platform designed to provide accurate, personalized responses to customer inquiries through voice command or text messages. The platform is trained on both real-time consumer queries across the United States and a curated collection of structured and unstructured public information. Current use-cases for the platform include Quin Shopping AI, which is “backed by industry experts such as Kathy Waller, ex-CFO of Coca-Cola, and co-founder of Honest Tea and Beyond Meat Seth Goldman,” and helps shoppers make better decisions during in-store or online shopping experiences.

One Quin Platform for Consumer Experience AI

Verneek’s One Quin AI platform is designed to support customer’s decision making processes at businesses. The platform’s technology is unique in how it answers customer questions based on in-domain proprietary data augmented with relevant public information. The first use-case of One Quin is Quin Shopping AI, a platform designed to provide an accurate and efficient AI shopping experience for customers. One Quin is capable of fulfilling large-scale shopping requests, including finding available product assortments, recipes that match health or budget considerations or general health guidance tips. The technology minimizes the time a customer researches purchased items, reducing the period from up to 20 minutes in-store or online to less than 10 seconds it takes to utter or type a sentence.

One Quin’s First Use-Case: the AI Shopping Experience

Verneek’s One Quin shopping AI solution helps consumers make informed decisions during in-store and online shopping processes with its AI and curated knowledge basis. It examines all relevant public and retailer-owned proprietary data in real-time, providing consumers with comprehensive buying guides for a personalized purchasing experience. The platform reduces shopping research time to less than 10 seconds using Quin’s services. The enhanced technology prompted industries that use customer-facing enterprises to partner up with Verneek. The technology is currently deemed capable of being integrated and operational within two weeks of partnering with a retail store company.

Verneek’s Mission to Build the Most Helpful AI for Everyday Life

Verneek, along with its co-founders Nasrin Mostafazadeh and Omid Bakhshandeh, aims to create the most helpful AI that augments human knowledge in everyday life. Verneek’s technology is unique, providing a personalized AI service considered beyond search, reducing the time spent by consumers on research and discovery in various industries. The company’s full-stack generative AI approach is unique, developing both the underlying proprietary technology and their product lines in-house. Verneek is in discussions with several Fortune 500 companies in the health, finance, and retail verticals to further develop their activity.

Verneek’s commitment and expertise in developing their AI platform technology as well as product lines is unique, as the company remains productive after only receiving a seed fund of $4.2 million, according to strategic investor Kathy Waller of Coca-Cola. The company is currently headquartered in New York City but plans to expand its workforce and make a major partnership announcement soon.

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