Rockwell Automation Unleashes New Era with OptixPanel Terminals

An industry leader in digital transformation, Rockwell Automation, has announced their newest product, OptixPanel graphic terminals. Designed to offer machine builders maximum customization freedom, this new line aligns with the company’s focus on factory automation innovation.

Unveiling Rockwell Automation’s OptixPanel Terminals

Rockwell Automation’s latest product, the OptixPanel graphic terminals, aims to equip machine builders with modern tools to enhance their machines’ performance. Available in various designs, the OptixPanel terminals cater to diverse application needs. Compact, standard, and stainless-steel models offer a range of choices based on cost, look and feel, and operational necessities.

Benefits and Versatility of OptixPanel Graphic Terminals

The OptixPanel graphic terminals serve as a prime solution for machine builders, offering a streamlined and secure HMI interface. Filippo Tosoni, a product manager at Rockwell Automation, suggests that the terminals provide a PC-like user experience, without requiring the installation of antivirus software. The range of screen sizes from 4 inches to 21.5 inches and various bezel options including stainless-steel, aluminium True Flat, and aluminium and glass P-CAP augments its adaptability to different applications.

Cloud-based Capabilities with FactoryTalk Optix Software

Beyond hardware, the graphic terminals, in combination with FactoryTalk Optix software, empower users with access to process data from the cloud, using communication standards such as OPC UA and MQTT. This SaaS-enabled workflow fosters collaboration among the team members from anywhere, keeping track of changes and versions to process data. It is this integration with FactoryTalk Optix software that adds the flexibility to develop applications either locally or collaboratively via cloud-based studios.

In conclusion, Rockwell Automation’s OptixPanel graphic terminals make strides in industrial automation by offering customization and versatility to machine builders. In addition, their compatibility with the FactoryTalk Optix software offers unique cloud-based collaboration and data tracking capabilities. This innovative development underscores Rockwell Automation’s dedication to connecting technological potential with the human imagination to make processes more efficient and sustainable.

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