Savvas Continues to Shine in Top 150 EdTech Firms

In yet another celebrated achievement, Savvas Learning Company, a global pioneer in K-12 educational solutions, has triumphantly made its mark on GSV 150 for the second consecutive year. This accolade places Savvas among the top 150 private enterprises playing a transformative role in digital learning and workforce skills.

Savvas Earning Spot in Top 150 Edtech Companies

Savvas Learning Company is indeed thrilled to be back on the GSV 150 in 2024. It earned its place by standing out from over 2,000 global companies that are revolutionizing the educational technology domain. The selection process involved evaluating these companies on numerous criteria such as revenue scale, growth, active learner reach, international sphere, and margin profile.

Savvas’s Innovative Steps Toward Personalized Learning

Savvas isn’t merely an edtech company; it is a hub of progressive innovations. Its two notable acquisitions in previous years, and Whooo’s Reading, testify to its commitment towards revolutionizing learning. The former acquisition has enabled Savvas to offer college-level courses to high schoolers, fostering educational equity and access. The latter, boasting cutting-edge AI technology, now forms an integral part of its digital learning ecosystem, propelling personalized learning to unprecedented levels.

Future Plans: CEO of Savvas at ASU+GSV Summit 2024

Moving beyond just earning accolades, Bethlam Forsa, the insightful CEO of Savvas Learning Company, has been chosen as a speaker at the prestigious ASU+GSV Summit 2024. Here, she will participate in panel discussions focusing on the AI revolution in digital education, as well as issues pertaining to K-12 schools and content.

In summary, Savvas Learning Company’s inclusion in the GSV 150 list underlines its relentless pursuit of innovation in educational technology. Its strategic acquisitions, and the resulting enhancements to digital learning, have reinforced its position as a leader in the industry. With its promising future plans and representation at esteemed gatherings like the ASU+GSV Summit 2024, Savvas shows no signs of slowing down in its quest to transform K-12 education.

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