Seceon Strengthens Cybersecurity Foothold with Helixera Acquisition

In a strategic move to bolster its cybersecurity capabilities, Seceon, a pioneering cybersecurity platform for MSPs and MSSPs, has acquired Helixera, a real-time big data analytics company, and welcomed its founder Waldek Mikolajczyk onboard.

Seceon Acquires Big Data Firm Helixera

Seceon has amplified its market presence with the acquisition of big data analytics firm, Helixera. The latter’s innovative Pattern Scanning Engine is known for facilitating distributed data analysis in unprecedented locations, paving the way for real-time monitoring of distributed devices and edge locations. This acquisition marks an important step in Seceon’s commitment to refine its threat detection and response.

Addition of Veteran Waldek Mikolajczyk to Seceon

Adding to this strategic acquisition, Seceon has welcomed Waldek Mikolajczyk, the founder of Helixera, as the new VP of Cybersecurity Solutions Architecture. A security and networking industry stalwart, Mikolajczyk brings over 25 years of software architecture and development experience to the table. Prior to Helixera, his innovative prowess was pivotal at companies like Juniper Networks, Rivulet Communications, and Nortel Networks.

Seceon’s Enhanced Cybersecurity Capabilities with Helixera

This acquisition significantly enhances Seceon’s efforts to deliver robust protection against evolving cyber threats. Helixera’s technology complements Seceon’s existing AI and ML-powered platform, expanding the breadth and depth of cyber threat detection and response. With added capabilities from Helixera, Seceon will further streamline the process for MSPs and MSSPs to defend small and medium businesses from dynamic, AI-powered cyber threats.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Helixera denotes yet another feather in Seceon’s cap, adding to its already impressive array of cybersecurity solutions. With the addition of industry icon Waldek Mikolajczyk and Helixera’s cutting-edge technology, the expanded cybersecurity firm is primed to lead the way in real-time threat detection and response.

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