Seceon Unveils aiSIEM-CGuard: Upping the Ante in Cloud Security

Seceon, an innovative cybersecurity platform, has unveiled its groundbreaking product, aiSIEM-CGuard. This ground-breaking product is set to redefine cloud security for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and IT teams globally. Powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML), aiSIEM-CGuard offers potent protection, detection and automatic remediation for cloud-based resources.

Introducing Seceon’s aiSIEM-CGuard: Revolutionizing Cloud Security

As businesses increasingly shift to full cloud operations, the need for robust cloud security measures heightens. Responding to this trend, Seceon launched aiSIEM-CGuard. This revolutionary tool offers sophisticated, AI/ML-powered detection and response capabilities that correlate threats across applications, networks and infrastructure. In contrast to the patchy security provided by other solutions, aiSIEM-CGuard delivers unified security with set up and configuration achievable in under an hour.

How aiSIEM-CGuard Enhances MSP/MSSP Operations

Fully aware of the growing pressures on MSP/MSSPs by experts and governments, Seceon has tailored aiSIEM-CGuard to enable MSP/MSSPs to protect themselves more effectively. The platform’s automated signup process and margin-friendly pricing broaden its appeal among MSP/MSSPs. Furthermore, the flexibility of the platform allows for the security of cloud workloads such as Microsoft 365 email, OneDrive, endpoints and networks protected by cloud-based services like SentinelOne, Microsoft Azure, Okta, Trend Micro, and Cisco Secure Endpoint among others.

The Impact of Seceon’s Innovation on Cloud-Powered Businesses

This ground-breaking tool has received accolades from industry experts. The Chief Information Security Officer at Netgain Technology, Kshitij Kathuria, hailed the automated signup process and the flexibility of the platform to handle hardware and software agnostic deployments as significant strides in cloud security. Seceon’s aiSIEM and aiXDR-PMax platform combined with aiSIEM-CGuard allows MSPs to retain control over their services and profits as opposed to outsourcing.

In summary, Seceon’s innovative aiSIEM-CGuard is poised to revolutionize cloud security solutions for MSP/MSSPs and IT teams worldwide. The platform’s robust protection, unparalleled detection, automatic remediation, AI/ML-powered detection and response, and margin-friendly pricing are key features that make it stand out. Its impact extends to enhancing the operations of MSP/MSSPs and seismic influence on the shift to the cloud for businesses.

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