Seedtag Bolsters CTV Arsenal with Beachfront Acquisition

Seedtag, the global leader in contextual advertising, has announced its acquisition of US-based sell-side ad platform Beachfront. This strategic move aims to bolster Seedtag’s offerings in the continually growing channel of CTV and streaming, with the primary benefit of integrating direct premium CTV inventory and enhanced advertising capabilities.

Seedtag Strengthens CTV Offering with Beachfront Acquisition

The acquisition sees Seedtag integrate Beachfront’s advanced technology, premium inventory, and expertise in CTV advertising into its existing contextual advertising solutions. This incorporation will provide clients with the facility to deliver effective, privacy-first advertising across a wider spectrum of channels. Importantly, this move follows Seedtag’s recent launch of Contextual TV in the US. An innovative offering that leverages AI-based network dynamics and consumer insights to enable advertisers to create effective CTV strategies and drive high-performing advertising campaigns.

Advantages of this Strategic Merge for US Brands

With the strategic union of Seedtag and Beachfront, advertisers gain direct access to premium CTV inventory, offering unparalleled value. Significantly, US CTV and video publishers working with Beachfront will now enjoy the added benefits of Seedtag’s scaled demand partnerships and unique, innovative contextual solutions. The acquisition aligns perfectly with Seedtag’s mission to provide the most effective advertising technology for a privacy-first world, now also available on CTV.

A Step Forward in the Growth of Contextual TV

Capitalizing on the exponential growth of the global CTV market, Seedtag’s integration with Beachfront aims to offer US advertisers an enriched understanding of audiences across multiple devices. This move is poised to empower media buyers to deliver more relevant and impactful CTV advertising, enabling publishers to maximize the opportunities presented by ad-supported streaming.

In summary, Seedtag’s acquisition of Beachfront signifies a substantial step forward in the advancement of Contextual TV. It is a strategic merge that offers numerous benefits to US brands, agencies, and publishers, ranging from access to premium CTV inventory to scaled demand partnerships. Above all, it promises to create more relevant, effective and impactful advertising experiences in the CTV and streaming domain, fostering growth in a privacy-first world.

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