Segway Leverages Airoha’s Tech: A Milestone in AI Precision

In a significant tech development, Segway, the global robotics giant, has embraced an innovative AI satellite positioning chip from Airoha Technology for its state-of-the-art robotic lawnmower. This move marks a significant milestone in the evolution of precision technology and high end-user experience. We delve into how this development is reshaping the industry.

Segway Adopts Airoha’s Revolutionary AI Satellite Positioning Chip

The Navimow i series robotic lawnmower, Segway’s groundbreaking product, features Airoha Technology’s AG3335A chip. This device, recognized for its precise AI satellite positioning, is the first of its kind in the industry. Integrated with Airoha’s GNSS Chip, the lawnmower delivers accurate position measurements in challenging scenarios including tree shades, building corners, and fences where satellite signals may encounter interference.

Innovative Applications of AI Satellite Positioning Across Industries

Airoha’s AI satellite positioning chips are not confined to the field of robotics. These high-precision, “centimeter-level” positioning devices are transforming various sectors including geomatics surveying, automated unmanned agricultural machinery, vehicle logistics tracking, and operational management of shared mobility solutions. Their application signifies a revolutionary shift in the service and operation of different industries.

The Success Story and Future Plans of Airoha Technology

Airoha Technology, a subsidiary of Media Tek, has earned a reputation for its commitment to high-performance, low-power, and highly scalable and interoperable chip solutions. Over the past 20 years, the company, boasting over 1,200 skilled employees, has developed chips for telecommunications infrastructure and advanced AI technologies. Currently, Airoha occupies a top-three position globally in the markets for True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (TWS) chip, fiber-optic broadband chip, and satellite navigation GNSS chip.

The successful collaboration between Segway and Airoha Technology sets the stage for the wider adoption of AI satellite positioning chips. By spearheading innovation while prioritizing end-user experience, companies like Airoha are driving the tech industry forward. As we continue to embrace advanced technologies, the world is bound to witness more such cutting-edge developments.

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