Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector: A Game-Changer in Customer Chat Services

Exciting news for businesses relying on Salesforce for their customer service operation. Sendbird has released its ‘Salesforce Connector’, a top-tier customer chat support solution. Integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud, this tool allows businesses to offer customer support chats directly within Salesforce, reducing the need for third-party applications. This revolutionary SaaS product offers a time-saving, user-friendly solution for customer support chat deployment.

“Introducing the Sendbird Salesforce Connector: The Future of Customer Chat Services”

Sendbird’s ‘Salesforce Connector’ streamlines customer support operations by presenting agent availability and assigned cases within Salesforce itself. Notably, this integration also simplifies the consultation procedure, creating a seamless and efficient workflow for support agents.

“The Innovative Features of Sendbird’s Salesforce Integration”

Boosting the system’s capabilities even further is the inclusion of Sendbird’s Smart Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot. Together with ChatGPT technology, this tool can generate comprehensive chat transcripts, summarize past customer interactions, evaluate message appropriateness, and even offer real-time message notifications and automatic translations. All of this comes without the requirement for extensive coding, setting it apart from traditional solutions that may take over a month to implement.

“Sendbird: A Global Leader in Communication and AI Chatbot Platform”

Currently serving over 4,000 global enterprises, Sendbird is a global leader in the AI chatbot platform market. Its platform includes features like real-time chat, voice, and video calling. All of these are easy to integrate into existing systems, promoting seamless communication between brands and their customers. And now, with the ‘Salesforce Connector’, Sendbird is set to revolutionize customer service operations further.

In conclusion, the ‘Salesforce Connector’ from Sendbird is posed to be a game-changer for businesses using Salesforce for their customer service operations. With innovative features and shocking ease of integration, this tool is rewriting the narrative in customer support chat deployment. As stated by Sanghee Lee, General Manager of Sendbird APAC, businesses shouldn’t miss Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector as a tool for enhancing service quality through personalized experiences.

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