Sendbird’s Smart Salesforce Connector Redefines Customer Support

Sendbird, popular for powering communications in over 4,000 apps, has made strides in the digital customer service industry with its newly announced product, the Sendbird Salesforce Connector. Now in General Availability, the connector introduces a host of new features focused on augmenting the customer support experience.

Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector Enters General Availability

The much-awaited Salesforce connector from Sendbird has finally entered General Availability. The connector acts as an extension to Salesforce Service Cloud’s capabilities, aiming to uplift the live chat support experience of customers. Building on top of Sendbird’s efficient communications platform, the Salesforce Connector empowers businesses to deliver next-level customer support.

Enhanced Features, Including AI Chatbot and Summarize

Among the many innovative features of the Sendbird Salesforce Connector is the Sendbird SmartAssistant, a powerful, generative AI chatbot. Introduced with no-code customizability, SmartAssistant is ready to blend seamlessly into existing support workflows. Additionally, the Connector also improves upon its Summarize tool, now powered by ChatGPT. With the Summarize feature, a complete summary of a customer support conversation can be available instantaneously to support agents.

The Impact of Sendbird Salesforce Connector on Customer Support

Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector is set to revolutionize customer support as it enables support agents to have all necessary tools at their fingertips, resulting in a streamlined and highly efficient problem-solving process. Sendbird CEO and Co-founder, John S. Kim endorses the tool as a game-changer for customer service, noting that SmartAssistant enables agents to assist more customers with increasingly personalized service

Overall, Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector offers organizations an efficient and intuitive solution for customer service, featuring the integration of AI-based tools. With added functions such as intelligent moderation and auto-translation, Sendbird’s latest offering aims to elevate customer support procedures ensuring a high-quality experience both for agents and customers.

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