Seoul Sets Stage for Innovative Tech Leap with ‘Smart Life Week’

In an ambitious effort to manifest its prowess in smart city innovation, Seoul is set to host the groundbreaking ‘Seoul Smart Life Week’. This significant event aims to establish the city as a pioneer in advanced technologies while providing a global platform for innovative tech companies and governments.

Introduction to Seoul Smart Life Week

‘Seoul Smart Life Week’, an exhibition cum forum cum awards program, is slated to take place on the 7th to 9th of October at COEX. This strategic move aligns with Seoul’s roadmap to utilize its smart city network to bolster innovative tech companies and synchronize with future technology trends. Building on Seoul’s accomplishments as a Global Smart City, the event will also foster inclusive development by combating urban polarization.

Transformation of Seoul through Smart Technologies

The city’s vision for the ‘Seoul Smart Life Week’ transcends the customary electronics industry product showcase. Instead, it sets its sight on evolving into a global hub for innovative technologies, laden with diverse participants from businesses, governments, and multiple other organizations. Simultaneously, an emphasis will be laid on curating an exhibition space to display Seoul’s excellence in smart city solutions such as AI technology used in welfare, tourism, safety, and civic issue analysis, offering chances for experiencing daily life in the smart city of Seoul.

Mayor’s Endeavor to Promote Seoul Smart Life Week

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, during his visit to the CES exhibition hall, enthusiastically promoted the Seoul Smart Life Week to the government and businesses. He examined various startups and innovative technologies in line with the city’s policies. Mayor Oh also engaged with distinguished groups such as Bosch, Sony, LG Electronics and Hyundai, focusing on aspects like crime prevention, carbon-neutral mobility, waste management systems, and wireless portable displays.

In conclusion, the advent of Seoul Smart Life Week marks a significant milestone in South Korea’s tech journey. It reinforces Seoul’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for the growth of tech companies. The event serves as a beacon to the world, demonstrating the potential of a city fueled by innovative technologies, with a constant aim to improve the quality of services and life of its citizens.

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