Serbian Giants HTEC and SYRMIA Forge Powerful Tech Alliance

In an era of digital revolution, Serbia-based technology company, HTEC, and leading software solutions creator SYRMIA, announce their strategic alliance. This partnership fortifies their competencies, allowing them to deliver avant-garde technology solutions to clients globally.

Unveiling the Strategic Partnership of HTEC and SYRMIA

The joint initiative of HTEC and SYRMIA signifies a pivotal phase in their journey. HTEC, a firm harnessing top talent since 2008, merged its Silicon Valley-based design thinking with proficient software engineering. Meanwhile, SYRMIA, established in 2018, has been successful in creating groundbreaking solutions in embedded software. Their collaboration aims at exploration of new avenues of growth and success, staying true to their core values.

Strengthening Capabilities Through Collaboration

With an unwavering commitment to emerging tech trends, HTEC welcomes SYRMIA onboard as part of their expansion strategy. This union is expected to amplify HTEC’s capabilities especially in key technology engineering fields like embedded software development and core machine learning technologies. Aleksandar ńĆabrilo, CEO of HTEC, expressed his excitement about this merger and its potential to deliver more cutting-edge solutions to their clients, particularly in areas of multimedia and automotive.

Serving Global High-tech Companies with Advanced Solutions

Working across industries and geographies, the combined forces of HTEC and SYRMIA provide complex digital product development along with hardware and software engineering services. Catering to a variety of clients from fast-growing startups to global enterprises, they aim to solve some of the most challenging engineering problems by blending advanced technologies with boundless creativity to build next-generation digital products and platforms.

In sum, the joining of forces between HTEC and SYRMIA marks a watershed moment in their histories. Their combined expertise and commitment towards tech innovations will undeniably boost their capacity to deliver high caliber digital solutions to clients around the world. The global tech scene can eagerly anticipate the wave of dynamic and sophisticated solutions arising from this formidable partnership.

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