Sercomm Propels 10G Technology Forward at CES 2024

Innovation in the telecommunications industry is taking center stage at the upcoming CES 2024, with leading global manufacturer, Sercomm, highlighting its dedication to advancing 10G technology.

Sercomm Unveils New 10G Products at CES 2024

In its pursuit of shaping the future of connectivity, Sercomm is set to unveil its latest products including the XGS-PON, 5G FWA, and DOCSIS 4.0 gateways. As part of Sercomm’s 10G ultra-high-speed networking solutions, these products promise to dramatically boost the deployment efficiency of telecom operators, while offering ultra-fast, stable, and ultra-low-latency wireless broadband experiences for users.

Integrating IoT and Smart Home Monitoring Solutions

Alongside this, Sercomm will be showcasing its proactive approach to IoT integrations, presenting smart home cloud monitoring solutions. Combining network cameras and sensors with AI edge computing, it provides advanced access control, home monitoring, and construction security. This innovative integration generates more opportunities for system integrators to deliver cross-platform security solutions and amplifies Sercomm’s contributions in the IoT space.

Driving Immersive Entertainment with 10G Technology

The evolution of entertainment is also high on Sercomm’s agenda. The increasing demand for immersive AR/VR, cloud gaming, and 8K streaming necessitates greater bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and speed. Sercomm’s offering here is its WiFi 7/Mesh routers designed to deliver an immersive, 10G entertainment experience at home and fully exploit the potential of a 10G world.

With its range of solutions premiering at CES 2024, Sercomm continues to demonstrate its firm commitment to advancing 10G technology, keeping pace with market trends, and shaping the future of telecommunications and connectivity. Its innovative solutions signal a technology leap forward in how we connect, secure and entertain in our homes. Visit Sercomm’s display at the Palazzo Hospitality Suite in CES 2024 for a glimpse into the future of telecommunications.

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