ShyamVNL Unveils Game-Changing Security Solution for Prisons

ShyamVNL, a forefront runner in secure communications and mobile intelligence systems, has unveiled a unique solution aimed at addressing a global security concern. Their cutting-edge technology focuses on meticulous identification, location, and denial of illegal mobile phone usage in high-security areas.

ShyamVNL Unveils Ground-Breaking Security Solution

The telecom company made this innovative announcement at a global security conference in Paris. The new technology, dubbed PCG (Prison Communication Guard), is the first of its kind that can deny, detect, identify, and locate all mobile phones/devices in a particular area. This includes contraband phones, while still permitting secure, authorized mobile communication network for relevant personnel.

Exploring the Features of the Prison Communication Guard

The PCG system stands out in its precision. It guarantees 100% accuracy in detecting all cell phones operating in prison irrespective of the technology used, according to Rajiv Mehrotra, the Founder and Chairman of SHYAM VNL. The system outperforms its contemporaries by locating every phone within the campus with an accuracy of 1 meter. Furthermore, it provides advanced alerts and analytics, a feature not found in any other solution globally.

Company’s Vision for Worldwide Expansion of New Tech

Given the extensive applications of the PCG technology, ShyamVNL is poised for a global presence expansion through sales partnerships with leading security and defense technology partners. They have proven their mettle with numerous successful trials with prison authorities at one of the largest correctional facilities in Asia. The new tech is likely to be popular among government, defense, and other high-security, mission-critical facilities including airports, border crossings, and other sensitive areas.

In conclusion, ShyamVNL’s pioneering technology, the PCG system, provides a comprehensive solution to a prevalent global security issue. The potential applications for this groundbreaking tech are vast and the company has already set plans in motion for global expansion. This is a significant leap for the world in addressing illegal phone use, strengthening security in high-risk areas, and balancing authorized communication needs.

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