Smartaira’s Bold Leap: Lux Speed Acquisition Fuels Growth

In a push to extend its reach in thriving markets, internet solutions leader Smartaira acquired Florida-based internet service provider, Lux Speed. This represents the latest step in Smartaira’s rapid growth trajectory.

Smartaira Expands to Southeast U.S With Lux Speed Acquisition

Known for its fiber-based, community-wide internet solutions, Smartaira has impressed its footprint on the Southeast U.S. The noteworthy addition to its portfolio is Lux Speed, a multifamily internet service provider. With this transaction, Smartaira has widened its list of esteemed customers, including homeowner- and condo-associations, as well as multi-tenant rental properties.

CEO Perspectives on the Smartaira-Lux Speed Deal

Smartaira’s CEO Darren Rish expressed his excitement about welcoming Lux Speed’s subscribers and employees to their team. He lauded Lux Speed for its customer relationships, class-leading infrastructure, and exceptional customer service, all of which align with Smartaira’s key business tenets. Lux Speed’s CEO, Michael Bertamini, shared the sentiment and expressed confidence in Smartaira’s dedication to customer service.

What Smartaira’s Acquisition Means for Multi-tenant Space

With its new acquisition, Smartaira is poised to make a significant impact in the multi-tenant space. Their high-performance internet solutions are custom-designed to meet the needs of customers, property owners, and property management. The newly expanded reach now services distributed property portfolios of all sizes, providing a one-stop internet solution that distinctly outperforms legacy network operators.

This deal represents the fourth acquisition for Smartaira since 2021, highlighting its aggressive expansion strategy. With a footprint now in 26 states, Smartaira continues to provide multi-Gigabit, symmetrical internet speeds to its ever-growing customer base. This acquisition signifies an exciting era for both Smartaira and Lux Speed, promising intriguing developments for the multi-tenant and homeowners association markets.

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