Sonbrook Leverages Yardi Tech for Dynamic Workspace Upgrade

In a significant tech-focused move, Sonbrook, a Dublin-based property developer, has teamed up with Yardi to upgrade its flexible workspace, Ella House, located in Ireland. The partnership harnesses the complete Yardi Kube Suite with an aim to enhance member engagement and streamline operations.

Sonbrook Teams Up with Yardi for Workspace Technology

Sonbrook has shown a commitment to creativity and innovation through this recent collaboration with Yardi. The move involves the implementation of the entire Yardi Kube Suite, inclusive of the Yardi Kube IT Management, at Ella House. The Yardi Kube provides a comprehensive solution for managing prospects, memberships, and operations using end-to-end flexible workspace technology.

How Yardi Kube Enhances Ella House’s Facilities

Ella House was conceptualized and brought to life to offer business proprietors and their employees the best-in-class space and resources for unhindered operation. With the integration of Yardi Kube, everything required, from Wi-Fi management to CRM tools, can be found in a single platform. The solution also facilitates automated processes and allows members to self-serve, thereby boosting productivity and member satisfaction.

About Sonbrook and Yardi: Pioneers in Their Fields

Founded by Kevin Stanley, Sonbrook, a commercial property development firm based in Dublin, is known for its creativity and versatility. They specialize in designing inspiring spaces for commercial and mixed-use development. On the other hand, Yardi, a global leader in the real estate sector, has continually brought transformative innovation to the industry with its 9,000+ workforce. Their product, Yardi Kube, is specifically designed for UK operators running flexible workspaces.

In summary, the partnership between Sonbrook and Yardi is poised to revolutionize the workspace at Ella House. The comprehensive solutions provided by Yardi Kube will make administrative tasks seamless and encourage better engagement among members. This significant stride in workspace technology demonstrates both firms’ commitment to fostering innovation in their respective fields.

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