Strategic Merger: LMS365 Acquires Weekly10, Reshaping Learning and Performance Landscape

In a major move set to revolutionize the learning and performance landscape, LMS365 has announced its acquisition of Weekly10. This pivotal business move not only consolidates LMS365’s position in the market but also paves the path for a powerful merger of learning, engagement, and performance, all underpinned by advanced AI technology.

Strategic Acquisition Strengthens LMS365’s Market Position

LMS365’s integration with Weekly10, as announced by Chief Strategy Officer, Henrik Jeberg, is an astute alignment with the company’s go-to-market strategies. Unlocking a vast market potential of over $10 billion, this union is poised to solidify their reputations as leaders in their respective G2 quadrants. The deal concluded on August 8, 2023, sees Andrew Roberts, founder of Weekly10, joining LMS365’s executive team as Executive Vice President of Product.

The Integration of Learning, Engagement and Performance

The partnership between LMS365 and Weekly10 aims to create a unique suite of tools within Microsoft Teams and Viva. This collaboration intends to significantly enhance customer experience by combining learning, engagement, and performance. With a remarkable growth in customer base by over 60% in the past year, the merger is expected to be a game changer in the sector, according to Weekly10 CEO, Andrew Roberts.

The Role of AI in Personal Development and Success

Leveraging Microsoft’s advanced AI technology, both LMS365 and Weekly10 aim to redefine human success in this AI-powered era. Understanding that the nature of delivering learning and development has undergone a fundamental shift, Robin Daniels, Chief Business Officer at LMS365, reflects on the concept of human success in the face of AI intervention. The goal is to create an environment that fosters continuous improvement and personal development, with a focus on engagement and clear performance targets.

In conclusion, the LMS365 – Weekly10 merger is a significant move, reflecting their shared vision to transform the learning and performance landscape while emphasizing individual growth and success. Through this unification, they envision greater access to a wider market, enhanced customer experience, and revolutionary strategies for personal development with a powerful blend of AI and human-centric values.

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