SureCall Unleashes Game-Changing SpeedLink 5G Booster

In a significant stride for 5G technology, SureCall, a leader in cell phone signal booster manufacturing and 5G development, has announced the introduction of a unique SpeedLink 5G signal booster. This device is the only C-band booster approved by Verizon for use in their 5G Ultra-Wideband (UWB) network. Aside from enhancing network capacity, SpeedLink also promises ultra-high speeds up to 1 Gbps without fiber, even inside large buildings.

SureCall Unveils Revolutionary SpeedLink 5G Signal Booster

The game-changing product, SpeedLink, exemplifies innovation in 5G booster technology. It is designed to expand C-band 5G signals, filling coverage gaps inside large buildings, and consequently, promoting faster data networks. SpeedLink is accommodative of both MIMO or SISO compatibility, enabling rapid, economical deployment across educational campuses, medical facilities, and various commercial spaces.

The Technical Advantages of SpeedLink for 5G Connectivity

Coupled with high capacity and low latency features, the device facilitates efficient transmission of data by cellular carriers leveraging the C-band spectrum. It supports emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality. Furthermore, SpeedLink boasts compatibility with the wider 3.7-3.98 GHz C-band spectrum and VoNR-5G network technologies. It is designed for scalability, ensuring complete cellular coverage when paired with existing 4G/LTE 5-band booster systems in buildings.

SpeedLink’s Market Availability and SureCall’s Future Plans

With the C-band 5G spectrum coverage rolling out across the country, SpeedLink comes at a vital juncture. Available from select distribution partners like Tessco and Graybar, SpeedLink is set to cater to the wireless needs of over 200 million individuals in more than 350 markets. This versatile and flexible device is equipped to propel SureCall’s advanced portfolio of patented FCC-certified wireless solutions.

In conclusion, the launch of SpeedLink signifies a leap forward in 5G signal boosting technology. With its high capacity, flexibility, and compatibility, the device is primed to revolutionize 5G wireless connectivity, increase network capacity, and fulfill the promise of ultra-high-speed data transmission in large buildings. As 5G continues to roll out nationwide, SureCall’s SpeedLink 5G signal booster is well-equipped to meet the surging demand for seamless wireless connectivity.

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