Surge in Hospital PMI Signals Robust Healthcare Recovery

IT’s time for some good news for the healthcare industry. The Hospital Purchase Managers’ Index (Hospital PMI), a key indicator of economic health in hospitals, registered a substantial growth in the September 2023 report released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). Following a period of contraction, the Hospital PMI has rebounded from 47.5 percent in August to 57 percent, a promising sign for upcoming trends in the industry.

Increasing trends in Hospital PMI for September 2023

The September results show a comprehensive recovery from the contraction experienced in August. The Business Activity Index, New Orders Index, and Employment Indexes have all returned to expansion territory. Even the Supplier Deliveries Index, reflecting slower delivery performance, has registered growth. It’s noteworthy that The Hospital PMI registered a 9.5-point increase from the August reading, indicating expansion after only one month of contraction.

Insights on Business and Technological Shifts

Substantial reshaping of inventory levels to meet the changing mix of patient needs was seen. In addition, a significant trend observed was the increasing adoption and spend on technology, with the Technology Spend Index witnessing a rise of 3.5 percentage points. This could herald a significant shift towards digitization in the healthcare sector. The report acknowledges the expansion in Touchless Orders Index, underlining the increasing focus on tech-driven solutions in supply management.

ISM’s Future Projections and Updates

The ISM report projects a gradual improvement and normalization in hospital business activities. The report, compiled in collaboration with Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), represents diverse perspectives of hospital supply executives. ISM stands as a credible source for hospital supply chain updates and its PMI is considered an accurate predictor of economic trends for hospital sub-sector. Looking forward, the next Hospital PMI report featuring October 2023 data is eagerly anticipated.

In conclusion, the upward trajectory of the Hospital PMI in September 2023, after a brief period of contraction, augurs well for the hospital supply chain industry. With a resurging market, optimised staffing levels, and an increasing emphasis on digital solutions, the hospital sector is poised for a potentially strong performance. As supply chain professionals continue to navigate a fluctuating market, the Hospital PMI remains an essential tool for charting the sector’s outlook.

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