Synechron Amplifies Digital Leader Status with iGreenData Acquisition

Synechron, a global leader in digital transformation consulting for finance and tech organizations, has announced the acquisition of Melbourne-based iGreenData. This underlines Synechron’s dedication to enhancing their leadership in digital transformation and optimizing their global reach.

Synechron Bolsters Digital Transformation with iGreenData Acquisition

The acquisition comes as part of Synechron’s strategic expansion. iGreenData, a data-centric digital solutions company, holds a significant position globally with its expertise in cloud-enabled data and digital engineering. Their suite of clients includes a diverse array of blue-chip companies, primarily in the banking and financial sectors. This acquisition was completed on May 13, 2024.

Enhancing Payment Capabilities and Global Reach through Acquisition

This merger is set to enhance Synechron’s leadership in digital transformation. It achieves this by marrying Synechron’s agile and creative approach with iGreenData’s unique skills in cloud technology and lean data engineering. The acquisition also expands Synechron’s global reach significantly, leveraging Australia’s strategic location to provide continuous support across Asian, American, and European time zones.

Leadership Insight: Synechron and iGreenData Executives Speak Out

Faisal Husain, Synechron’s Co-Founder and CEO, expressed his excitement about integrating iGreenData into the Synechron family. He emphasized that this move would strengthen Synechron’s payments technology and extend its footprint into the Australian market. Similarly, Max Sundaram, CEO of iGreenData, noted that the shared commitment to excellence between the two entities will seed best-in-class transformative digital experiences.

In sum, the acquisition of iGreenData by Synechron translates to a potent combination of strengths. Together, they will leverage their depth in digital transformation, innovation, payment technology, and global reach. These dynamic synergies are poised to deliver enduring value and cement their position as trailblazers in digital transformation.

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