Taiwan Takes Global Stage in FinTech Leadership

FinTechSpace, Taiwan’s notable FinTech hub, is joining hands with Asian Silicon Valley. They aim to host the largest-ever Taiwanese overseas FinTech exhibition. This powerful alliance includes 11 high-performing Taiwanese FinTech firms and 9 financial institutions, featuring close to 70 members.

Taiwanese FinTech Exhibition Showcases Innovative Companies

Taiwan Pavilion, part of the planned exhibition, will shed light on 11 pioneering FinTech firms. Their core areas span wealth management, insurtech, regtech, and payments. The highlights of the show are TOPPAN IDGATE, OTSO Fintech, and Cathay Financial Holdings’ Smart and Go Team. These dedicated teams have won the prestigious national FinTech Taipei Award 2022. This stage will also serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, with each of these 11 FinTech firms presenting their unique insights into Taiwan’s FinTech sector.

Taiwan’s Status as a Global FinTech Leader

In the global forum, Taiwan takes a firm stand as a leader in financial system stability and digital competitiveness. The 2023 IMD Competitiveness Yearbook ranks Taiwan as the digital competitiveness leader among economies with more than 20 million inhabitants. According to the 2019 World Economic Forum report, Taiwan secures the 6th position globally for financial stability and the 4th spot for innovation capability, showing Taiwan’s strong standing in the global FinTech community.

FinTechSpace Boosts Talent Development and International Recruitment

Talent is the heart of the FinTech industry’s present and future growth, a fact that Taiwan Pavilion acknowledges and acts upon. Riding on the same, FinTechSpace’s Campus Ambassadors Program identifies and nurtures talents from the upcoming generation. This collaboration with Asian Silicon Valley is committed to enhancing Taiwan’s status as a welcoming hub for top-notch talents and startups in the FinTech industry around the globe.

Overall, the Taiwanese FinTech exhibition is the culmination of innovative companies, outstanding talent, and global recognition, enhancing Taiwan’s status as an influential player in the global FinTech field. It not only puts Taiwan on the global map but also opens opportunities for interaction and innovation in the FinTech arena.

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