TechTorch Amplifies Salesforce Expertise with AstuteForce Acquisition

In a pioneering move to bolster its Salesforce expertise, TechTorch has announced the acquisition of AstuteForce. This strategic synergy aims to maximize capabilities and expand reach within the Salesforce ecosystem. The partnership nourishes TechTorch’s commitment to provide robust solutions to its clients while elevating its position in commercial excellence.

TechTorch’s Strategic Acquisition of AstuteForce

As a disruptive entity in the services space, TechTorch has consistently leveraged AI-driven accelerators to automate tasks traditionally performed manually by service providers. With a primary focus on serving private equity-backed firms, it’s a trendsetter in utilizing artificial intelligence for better efficiency and innovation. The acquisition of AstuteForce, known for its proficiency in marketing, sales, success, and support solutions within the Salesforce landscape, is set to significantly grow TechTorch’s repertoire.

Enhancing Tech Capabilities through Partnership

Jordi Moncada, CEO of TechTorch, has expressed his exuberance over the acquisition stating, “AstuteForce brings incredible capabilities that allow us to strengthen our position”. The sentiments were echoed by Hemant Jain, CEO of AstuteForce, stating that the potential that AI accelerators present in the enterprise technology space is thrilling, adding a touch of optimism for TechTorch’s imminent progress.

Future Directives for TechTorch’s Expanded Services

In the wake of the acquisition, Hemant Jain will assume the role of President of TechTorch’s Commercial Excellence practice. He will be spearheading the drive to integrate and expand the combined capabilities of both organizations. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for TechTorch, setting the stage for the company’s ambitious plans ahead to innovate and broaden services while consolidating clients’ benefits from the advancements in AI and Salesforce technology.

In conclusion, this partnership synergizes the technological prowess of TechTorch and AstuteForce, leading to anticipated growth within the Salesforce ecosystem. The enterprise is poised to widen its technical capabilities while keeping base with their unwavering stance on commercial excellence and client satisfaction.

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