Transforming Cold Storage: Solutions for a Greener Future

As consumers’ demand for perishable goods soars, it presents cold storage warehouse managers with a unique set of challenges. Offering a potential solution, SSI Schaefer unveils its comprehensive, tailored solutions designed to optimize cold storage warehouses both in terms of energy usage and space, offering the possibility to keep up with escalating market demands while mitigating environmental impact.

The Pressing Need for Efficient Cold Storage

Amidst a rapidly expanding cold-chain storage market, managers find themselves grappling with a critical paradox – increasing demand for cold-stored goods and a pressing need to cut down energy costs and carbon emissions. The efficient storage, picking, packing, and shipping of sensitive goods requiring specialized handling is no small task. According to Carsten Spiegelberg, Managing Director – Middle East & Africa, SSI Schaefer, this calls for a systemic and professional approach rather than mere quick fixes.

Optimizing Cold Storage Spaces: Solutions and Techniques

To counter the issues faced in the cold storage sector, SSI Schaefer advocates for careful planning to optimize temperature-controlled infrastructure. Various solutions are offered in this regard. Semi-automated drive-in racking systems ideally suited for deep-freeze facilities, offering high throughput, enhanced safety and reduced worker time in refrigerated facilities, are highlighted. Furthermore, mobile racking storage systems stand out with their smart features like energy-saving lighting and options for maximizing cold air circulation.

Future-Ready Automated Systems for Cold-Chains

Considering the strict timelines and closed-chain environment associated with cold goods, SSI Schaefer emphasizes the need for fully automated storage systems. Different components of these systems such as automated storage & retrieval systems (SSI Exyz), shuttle solutions (SSI Lift & Run Shuttle System), and storage solutions for different types of loads are spotlighted. Notably, software platforms like WAMAS® and SAP EWM are proposed for centralized control over the multiple systems in refrigerated facilities.

In closing, SSI Schaefer’s innovative technology promises to enable warehouses to handle the complexities of cold-chain material flows skillfully. The key lies in blending cold-chain logistics solutions with individual processes to help boost storage capacity, reduce energy consumption, and keep up with the growing intricacies of the industry.

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