Transforming SiC Inspection: Spirox & Southport Launch Cutting-Edge Tool

In an industry-first technological breakthrough, Spirox and Southport have announced the launch of JadeSiC-NK, a non-destructive inspection system for Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrates. This innovation represents a leap from the conventional destructive KOH etching method, offering a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for SiC substrate manufacturers.

Innovating SiC Substrates with JadeSiC-NK

Traditionally, the quality of SiC substrate materials has been inspected through sampling and mathematical interpolation using the destructive KOH etching method. JadeSiC-NK changes this approach. Not only does it enable a whole-wafer surface scan to a specific depth, but it also efficiently identifies key defects like BPD, TSD, MicroPipe, and Stacking Fault. Unlike optical technologies that only detect surface non-crystalline defects, JadeSiC-NK offers the advantage of detailed ingot analysis and batch traceability analysis, assisting in process and yield optimization.

The Benefits and Future of Non-Destructive Inspection

Implementing non-destructive inspection has multiple benefits. First, it significantly saves inspection time and substrate costs. Plus, it eliminates the need for harmful chemical solutions associated with KOH etching, implying a more eco-friendly process. Spirox, after launching JadeSiC-NK, plans to accelerate the commercialization of advanced optical inspection technologies and expand to other domains, such as MicroLED, metamaterials, silicon photonics, and more.

Enhancing Taiwan’s Technological Leadership with Collaboration

This collaboration reflects Taiwan’s prowess in technological innovation. Ken Tai, Chairman of Taiwan Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association, says it’s a “great pleasure to see two Taiwanese companies creating synergy through a mutually beneficial collaboration.” He believes JadeSiC-NK is a revolutionary product for the growing global compound semiconductor industry, capable of reducing costs and enhancing production capacity while demonstrating Taiwan’s technological leadership.

In conclusion, the launch of JadeSiC-NK signals a new era for SiC substrate inspection. With its non-destructive nature, it promises increased efficiency, considerable cost savings, and a reduction in harmful chemical usage. This technological solution also represents Taiwan’s technological growth with collaboration between Spirox and Southport at the forefront, ushering future innovations in the tech industry.

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